1 can minced clams, about 8oz. 1 large package cream cheese 1 lemon Stir softened CREAM CHEESE with FORK. Add juice of 1 LEMON; cream together until smooth. SAVING LIQUID, drain CLAIMS. Add desired tablespoons of CLAM JUICE to CHEESE MIXTURE. Beat in enough CLAM JUICE until mixture is right consistency to spread on CRACKERS.


I do believe that if One more of the PEOPLE DARE to challenge Jesus Christ’s grounds again MOTHER CREEKER karma is a CREEKER and we are everywhere, like ZION. I know these bad behavior for attentioners will have a moment to wrecken. I believe in God’s intercession independently as groups, as couples…as one. To challenge… Continue reading KARMA IS CREEKER


CAVE.CREEKER.SITE/#HELLOCREEKERS Are you a Cave Creeker? CREEKERS® those who resides, works or visits the USA Zip Code 85331, more than 6 months out of the year. CREEKERS® ONE WHO CALLS ON A CREEKER … Association services, namely, promoting the interests of women who come from or are transitioning out of polygamy and promoting public awareness… Continue reading BLACK MOUNTAIN CC